Ningbo TENGONE Import & Export Co., Ltd


Our storage box is perfect for all of your

storage needs. It is safe for stacking,

spacious and is great for use around the

office, home or garage. We can do

transparent color, semi-transparent color,

solid color, jelly color, etc. The size of box

varies from 0.13L to 180L.


Rolling box made from strong plastic is

an ideal multipurpose storage solution

for around the home or work

environment. It's a well designed box

with wheels for easy mobility and a

snap lock tight lid which allows for easy

packing and storage. It's transparent

plastic allows you to easily identify the

contents and when full you can stack

one on the other. When empty,

multiple units nest comfortable to

save space.


Rattan baskets, flexible baskets, laundry hampers etc., we have really wide range of baskets. For rattan baskets, because of the rattan look, becomes one of the most popular ranges in our products. They cannot only store clothes, but also stationery, beverages, toiletries and snacks. Flexible baskets, mostly made of LDPE (Low Density Polyethylene), are soft but strong. They are used in bathroom, or garden. Because the material is soft, they can also store toys. 


And there are many designs of laundry hamper can be found in our catalog. All of them allow easy ventilation so that your clothes remain fresh. Designed with small holes at the sides. 


Storage basket is one of the largest ranges of our company. We have variety series of storage basket, such as classic round dot pattern, square hole pattern, bubble pattern, ace pattern, nest pattern, floral pattern and so on.


Storage basket has a widely use in kitchen, 

living room, bathroom, bedroom, and 

balcony or garden, also can be used in 

offices, schools, shops and cars.


Our kitchen items are not simply for 

food container, we do a lot of cool 

pack lunch boxes, silicone products 

which have functions or features. 

They are usually packed in sets or 

comes in combo, that will make 

your kitchen more easy & colorful.


Different with other products in the 

market, our fridge bins can be made 

of PETG, PET and PS with the same 

tooling. So we can satisfy all customers’ 

requirement of all price ranges. We 

have ability of developing this kind of

 toolings. So we are able to do 



Compared with regular furniture, plastic 

furniture is a new range. Plastic furniture 

usually in nice K/D packing, which save 

space and freight cost. And the cost 

itself is not as high as furniture in other 

materials. Because of made of plastic, 

you can do any color you want.


It’s not so heavy to move these here 

and there, if you think it’s old, you 

can throw away and buy a new one 

instead because price is cheap. So 

this range will be more and more 

popular in future.


Keep your house clean with these familiar looking small scale council bins. Not only can these bins be used indoors due to its smaller size, just like the full sized one, it can also be used outdoors due to its extremely durable and waterproof construction. Never have to worry about pushing the bin from behind as these trolley bins come with 4x 360° fully rotating wheels that allow free movement in any direction smoothly.


Keep your home or office clean with 

small trash bin which is made from 

easy clean plastic. More options on 

colors, designs and functions.


This step stool is ideal for people who 

need that extra reach in the bathroom. 

It’s made of high-impact plastic with 

anti-slip grip. Perfect for everyday use.


This folding stool is a compact, lightweight

yet sturdy option that has a 150KG weight.

Use the folding step stool indoors or

outside for gardening, camping, fishing or

in the garage.

Ideal for home painters, gardeners etc.
Perfect for everyday use.


 Ideal for storing and organizing a wide 

range of small accessorie such as screws, 

bolts etc., transparent lidded, clearly visible 

with sturdy carrying handle, removable 

plastic dividers to enable larger spaces. 


Heavy duty plastic storage crate will 

protect all of your household, office or 

garage items from damage, dirt and 

moisture. It features a heavy duty 

construction, sturdy bottom base with 

solid walls, making them ideal for 

heavy-duty projects whilst the stackable

design makes it easy to store multiple 

crates in the same place.

Comfortable, side grip handles make 

heavy lifting a breeze. Easy to clean,

simply hose off or wipe out with a 

wet cloth. This plastic storage crate

 is perfect for a variety of storage uses.


The cooler is perfect to take with you 

to picnics, trips to the beach, and 

backyard parties. The spacious interior 

includes a separate container for storing 

extra ice or drinks. The functional part 

is inner part EPS or PU which has 

different duration of cooling time.


This lovely looking basket is made with

high resistant plastic. The subtle diamond

pattern adds a trendy touch to this basket.

Comes with or without a lid, but can only

be stacked one on top of each other with

the aid of a lid. Max 8kg load weight when

stacked. Available in several colours.